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Master or MBA Degree in Switzerland and paid traineeship in Rome thanks to Torno Subito Project
29 maggio 2018

Would you like to attend a high level Master or MBA degree in a foreign country without great economic sacrifices and with the possibility of coming back to Italy to get a paid working traineeship? Thanks to the Torno Subito project sponsored by Regione Lazio and the long collaboration between BHMS and the Giovani nel Mondo Association, you will be able to access an advanced formation course and then be hosted for a paid traineeship. Don’t lose this occasion, candidate yourself right now! Fill this form of interest


Organization: Business and Hotel Management School- BHMS, based in the center of Lucerne, is member of the group of Bénédict Switzerland, funded in 1928, with the mission of providing ad advanced formation for starting a successful career. The Bénédict school is one of the biggest private educational institution in Switzerland with more than 15.000 full-time and part-time students every year, specializing in Languages, sanitary programs, IT, security management, commercial affairs and business management, in line with the swiss federal certification. BHMS also offers to 900 students every year the chance to train for their future role in business management in the hotel and hospitality industries. BHMS also collaborates with other prestigious international academic institution like the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen in the UK and the University of Seattle in the USA. Learn more about BHMS, click here to see an introductory video


Giovani nel Mondo, is a no-profit, apolitical and independent organization with Carriereinternazionali.comas the main platform for spreading news and information. The Association has the purpose of educative and cultural improvement, on an international and national base, of young between eighteen and thirty years old, following them in their learning process and professional, academic and cultural growth.


In particular, GnM promotes international event, like the International Careers Festival/RomeMUN, to strengthen participation and involvement of young students with international and national bodies, public and private, and with their peers from foreign countries. Among these events, the International Careers Festival is a main appointment in the area of career counseling and formation for youngs interested in pursuing an international career. Moreover, for five years GnM participate in the Torno Subito program of Region Lazio as partner body for phase II, welcoming numerous youngs willing to involve in the area of international exchanges and no-profit and also helping them finding a partner body for phase I and writing the project. Giulia Ibba is one of the winners. Read her experience here


Torno Subito is promoted by Regione Lazio and funded by the European Social Fund. Torno Subito let young people resident or domiciliated in Lazio to develop a project to work or train outside Lazio and then coming back to use the new skills. The project has to be presented individually and consist in two phases. 


Duty Station: For Phase I: Lucerne, Switzerland; for Phase II: Rome, Italy


Open to: Young student and graduates (Bachelor degree is required)


Deadline: July 3rd, 5pm for the Torno Subito; you should fill the interest form for the Phase II in GnM as soon as possible not later than June 18th though


Offer Description: The programme is structured in two phases:

- Phase I: the candidate shall conduct the first part of his/her project in Lucerne, Switzerland, where he/she shall attend one of the Master or MBA programs:

M. Sc. Degree in International Hospitality Business Management

M. Sc. Degree in Global Business Management

MBA in Marketing and Digital Business

MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MBA in International Finance and Investment 


For the M.Sc.Degree it is sufficient to have a three-year Bachelor degree, to be able to apply for any of the MBA programs, a Master degree is requested. All of these courses have been designed to improve managerial skills and abilities with a practical approach that allows participants to start a successful career through case studies, group work and real-life examples of successful business.

All courses include the possibility of paid internship either in Switzerland or in another country of the world as a practical phase of the master before returning to Italy for the phase 2, with a notable competitive advantage for the student's curriculum.

-Phase II: the candidate shall be hosted for a paid traineeship (800€ gross monthly) in Giovani nel Mondo, where he/she shall be involved in the organization of the International Careers Festival, with the following mansions:

- organization of social events and mediatic promotion of the Festival

- organization of the support structure of the Festival

-developing strategic alliances and managing institutional partnerships and collaborations including our membership in the network of MUNs worldwide;
- drafting agreements/memoranda of understanding and coordinating the cooperation with foreign universities in the framework of bilateral agreements;
- preparing communication materials (e-mail campaigns, DEM);
- organizing the International Careers fair;
- preparing reports.

- hospitality Management phase: welcoming of partners and guests of the Festival: selection and booking of hotels, organization of flies and transportation, logistic organization



-Bachelor’s degree

-being a resident or having domicile in Lazio for at least 6 months

-be less than 35 years old


Application process: Fill the Form of interest. You will be then contacted for an interview at Giovani nel Mondo, in which the details for phase II will be pointed out. In case of a positive outcome, the candidate will be able to proceed with the completion of the procedures required for accessing the Master BHMS and for participating to Torno Subito. Read more


Wage and fees: The cost of the Master degree is CHF 23,900 (Swiss currency), or approximately € 20,600 and includes:

course fee

operating expense



paid traineeship from 4 to 6 months in Switzerland or in another country

support in finding a permanent job placement after graduation  

We remind you that due the contribution of Torno Subito the winners will receive 13,000 euros that will allow them to cover about 60% of the total costs.


Useful Links:

BHMS official website

Giovani nel Mondo

Torno Subito official website

Bando Torno Subito 2018

L’esperienza di Giulia Ibba

Il valore di iniziare una carriera internazionale dalla Svizzera


Useful Contacts:


Baselstrasse 57, CH-6003 Luzern


Tel: +41 41 248 70 70

Fax: + 41 41 248 70 04


Giovani nel Mondo:

Via P. Petrocchi 10,

Roma (Talenti), 00137 IT

P: (+39) 0686767305

Fax: (+39) 0689019538