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Partner Association for the International Careers Festival
23 giugno 2016

The Giovani nel Mondo (GnM) Association, since its foundation, has focused on creating partnerships and collaborating with prestigious associations, organisations and institutions around the world in order to provide opportunities to as many students and people as possible.

We are always looking to expand and reach out to new partners, increasing our network which in turn raises the chances for our members and followers to find their ideal job and/or to participate in the prestigious events organised alongside those very same partners.

All our partnership agreements include mutual visibility and promotion. This means that both GnM and the partner agree to post information on their respective website and on their Facebook, Twitter or any social media platform (GnM's RomeMUN Facebook page has over 21,000 likes). Furthermore it means the sending of Newsletters to their respective contact list, publishing logos on their websites, and any other form of digital promotion. In addition, GnM goes the extra mile and includes the partner's logo within the programme of the International Careers Festival which is distributed to all participants - over 2000 people.

This year, Giovani nel Mondo is also focusing on an exchange with our partners who host MUNs, youth conferences or other similar events. This exchange means that our association will reserve a spot for one our partner's chosen delegates/participants in the International Careers Festival's event of their choice (Model UN, Business Game, Press Game, or Careers Course) with free participation and accommodation. The partner agrees to do the same for one of the Festival's best participants (free participation/accommodation).

While the agreement will be based on the above-mentioned points, it is not limited to only those two points. We have many other ideas which we can suggest to our partners depending on the nature of their event/organization - and we are certainly open to suggestions!

If you would like to learn more or are interested in starting a partnership with Giovani nel Mondo and the International Careers Festival 2017, please send an e-mail to the following address so that we may make an appointment for a Skype call:

We have already partnered with dozens of associations and MUN clubs worldwide in the past, to see more visit our section Partner