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All careers pass through Rome!

At the International Careers Festival, internships, training, study, and work opportunities come face-to-face with ambitious young people interested in a valuable sneak peek of their future.

All participants of the Festival have access to the International Careers Fair. The event, now in its 11th edition, is designed to reward the drive of those who are hungry to interact with professionals and discuss their future. The Fair promotes dialogue and exchange between students and the labour market in a direct and effective manner, allowing participants to get a first-hand look at the world of international careers comprised of companies, non-profit institutions, and international organisations. For anyone who is still unsure about their true path in life, the Fair is an ideal starting point with which to educate oneself about universities, companies and various international institutions found in Italy and around the world.

Open to the public for the 2 days out of 4 of the Festival, the Fair offers around 60,000 young people the opportunity to meet 200 exhibitors and interact face-to-face with officers of International Organisations, representatives of the most important NGOs in Italy and the world, HR reps of prestigious multinational companies, representatives of top universities and business schools within Italy and the world. Yet there won’t only be stands but also Recruitment Sessions, practical Workshops on how to properly search for the international career you want, and conferences with eminent speakers. Furthermore, there will be new areas such a Video Fair, connected online to prestigious international institutions, and a Digital Zone, entirely dedicated to technological innovations and aimed towards an active “social” participation by all young people involved. 

The complex and structured world of international careers will no longer have any secrets as our participants interact with all our exhibitors and special guests. The 11th edition will be one to remember as the number of exhibitors, participants and special guests is constantly growing!

Among the main goals of the International Careers Fair are:

  • To publicise and promote the complex world of international careers; 
  • To publicise universities, academies, schools, and training institutions in Italy and around the world; 
  • To promote career opportunities offered by companies, non-profit organisations, and international institutions; 
  • To promote the meeting between the demand and the providers of employment; 
  • To promote dialogue and exchange between the educational system and labour market to bridge the gap.

All participants of the RomeMUN, Rome Business Game, Rome Press Game, and the International Careers Course are free to explore the Fair during the days of the Festival. Participation to the Fair, for those not registered to one of the above-mentioned events, is free but registration (different that the one for the other projects) is required. Registrations for the International Careers Fair open December 2019 on this website. Those who will be attending the Festival as participants of the RomeMUN, Rome Business Game, Rome Press Game, and the International Careers Course will have priority access to the Recruitment Sessions held during the Fair. 




The International Careers Fair has established itself, over the years, as a prestigious international event for several reasons:

  • It’s a unique opportunity of visibility for Universities, Training Institutions, NGOs, Businesses,  and International Organizations interested in entering into direct contact with high school, college and graduate students from around the world;
  • It’s an important forum for interaction and exchange between different cultures and backgrounds on international issues;
  • It’s always attentive to the real and compelling needs of visitors and is therefore constantly changing;
  • It is constantly growing regarding the number of visitors and exhibitors.

There are diverse partnership opportunities offered to interested institutions.

PROMOTION The event is being promoted through an extensive online and offline campaign. The promoters of the International Careers Festival will be present with stands, gadgets and informative materials in all the Italian Universities as well as around the world. Various articles and press releases will be drafted and shared via national media outlets and through the online portals operated by the Association:

Articles will also be spread through the online channels of our partners. We also provide, to those interested, the chance to promote activities or courses in the Festival’s Programme which will be printed and distributed to all participants.

FAIR AND INTERVIEWS It is possible to book a stand at the Fair in order to establish a personal connection with our visitors and participants in an informal and interactive atmosphere. The stands can be used to present activities and courses, work opportunities, and can be used to collect CVs of potential candidates.

COMPANY PRESENTATION Partners also have the possibility to give a 30-minute speech or presentation in front of the visitors to explain, in greater detail, the work/study opportunities offered. The presentation offers the chance to pass information to a large audience and to give them the proper image of the institution, also providing them with a first-hand view on the mission, values, and career possibilities. In addition, visibility greatly increases.

WORKSHOP WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL CAREERS COURSE Institutions interested have the possibility to hold a workshop within the International Careers Course by either: sending a representative to speak during the workshop or; after reaching an agreement on the theme of the workshop with the Giovani nel Mondo Association, it is possible to organise an entire workshop dedicated to their institution. For more information on the International Careers Course, please click here.

To participate or to have more information about the event and how to join, please write to: [email protected] and visit our section about partnership