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International Careers Festival on Tour: University of Naples Federico II
12 ottobre 2016

The importance of an international career

The cooperation between the University of Naples Federico II and the Giovani nel Mondo Association continues. The University will host in Naples, this year again, the third stop of the International Careers on Tour, a really important appointment to discover and start getting to know the exciting world of the international careers.

So keep in mind this event and don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with major experts of the international field: the conference will take place on October 19th from 12:30pm to 15:30pm at the Department of the Faculty of Law in via Porta di Massa 32, Aula Amirante.

Students will have the chance to discover different abilities and skills which are required for starting an international career. They will explore mechanisms of some important international organizations and they will check out significant initiatives within the cooperation and development field. Some important associations such as the Youth Committee UNESCO, ISPI, The One Campaign, WEP and CRCC Asia, partners of the Giovani nel Mondo Association, will be available to answer and to settle out any doubt or problem you may have. Thanks to eyewitness accounts and some practical advices, the event is considered a great chance to comprehend important social structures. To register just click on the following link

The event will be structured according to the following schedule:

University of Naples Federico II – The importance of an international career
Wednesday October 19th 2016, from 12:30pm to 15:30pm
Aula Amirante, Via Porta di Massa 32

Welcome Remarks

12:30 - University of Naples Federico II, Institutional greetings; Prof. Alberto Lucarelli and Prof. Giorgio Serino
12:45 - International Careers Festival; Executive Director Dott.ssa Daniela Conte: How to start an International Careers

Opportunities in the International Organisations

13:15 - ISPI, Institute for International Politics Studies, Dott.ssa Francesca Frigo: A career in the International Organisations
14:00 - The ONE Campaign, Valentina Tafuni and Mauro Lavagna: Youth Ambassador Project, Italy
14:30 - Youth Committee UNESCO, Luca Coppola and Irene Tedesco: The Youth for the United Nations

Instruments to starting an International Career

15:00 - WEP, World Education Programme:  How to prepare an International Career through an experience abroad
15:30 - CRCC Asia, Grace Abbà: An International Career in China

The International Careers on Tour it’s a way to experiencing the complex reality of the International Careers Festival which will take place in Rome from the 11th to the 14th of March 2017: to discover our projects and put yourself out there you can start the registration process by clicking on the following link or visit our website

The participation to International Careers on Tour is free. In order to register for this event as the following, please click here

Stay updated with International Careers on Tour! Find the nearest stop to your city and enjoy our projects, click here to further information




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