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International Careers Festival: over to the Protagonists of the Edition 2017
19 dicembre 2016

The International Careers Festival, a huge event of international concern which allows talented young people to emerge by helping them to seize real job opportunities and international experiences. The strength of the Festival is the participation of a number of prestigious international institutions, but the real protagonists of the Event are the thousands of young people ready to put themselves out there with their great talents and skills, eager to start off their international career. Our editorial staff has met with some of the protagonists of the Edition 2017 in order to help us figure out what the Festival is and why it’s so important to take part in the Conference!

Let’s start with Ebenezer Essilfie-Nyame from Ghana, Secretary General RomeMUN 2017, Daniela Massarelli, Promoter of the International Careers Festival in Rome, Eleonora Mantovani, Program Director Rome Press Game 2017 and Assistant Editor of the popular web site, Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein from Padova, Program Director Rome Business Game 2017, Bianca Cunha, Ambassador for Latin America of the Rome International Careers Festival, Augustine Hoffman, International Coordinator in Ghana.

When did you attend the International Careers Festival and which role did you play? What made you decide to participate?

“I attended the sixth and seventh edition of the Rome International Careers Festival, RomeMUN project, during which I represented Russian Federation in the UNESCO Committee and Denmark in the UNCHR. At first, I get interested in the festival because of a dear friend who had actively participated in the Event. He truly recommended it and, finally, he convinced me to attend. I had a wonderful experience and I did it a second time.”  tell us Daniela

There are a lot of young people that have become staff members after participating in the Festival, Ebenezer is an example of this kind of path “I attended the previous editions of the Festival as Chair Director and Expert, and this year I will be the Secretary General RomeMUN 2017.  The RomeMUN is unique, its great success is partly due to its long-standing reputation but also its commitment to actively raise the standard of MUN by introducing innovations that provide an exciting adventure for our diverse participants, while enhancing their careers and competences.” Or as Luca told us, after playing different roles in the RomeMUN he is going to be the next Program Director of the Rome Business Game 2017. In relation to this projects especially focused on the world of business he says “It’s a project aimed to empower business students with a chance to challenge themselves with real life cases, confronting some of today’s most important managerial decision-making choices in the wonderful setting of Roma Capitale.”

What was it like to take part at the Festival and what were your  most defining moments of this experience?

To this question our friend Bianca answers “Besides making my dreams of travelling to Europe (and to attend the biggest MUN conference there) come true, the Festival brought memorable experiences, many friends and professional networking. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime! My participation also opened many doors and helped me get accepted to participate in the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) in Norway and in MUIMUN 2016 in Germany, both being awarded a full scholarship!”

Augustine tells us “It helped me build leadership skills and the ability to effect positive social and political changes which at the end left me with new skills and tools, resources, connections and confidence that helped me in my personal and professional life as well as the society and the world at large” He continues “My best memories were the guided tours within the beautiful city and tourist sites in Rome and my working relationship with Roberto De Girolamo when I was an International Promoter in Ghana , it was such an amazing and spectacular experience that I will never forget and not to mention the fun time during clubbing where we listen to good music, danced and socialized very effectively. The festival also gave me the opportunity to get interviewed on a National Television in Rome which was such an amazing feeling I will never forget.”

Why would you recommend the International Careers Festival?

Daniela took part in the RomeMUN as a delegate and she states “Like I usually say to all who are particularly interested in the Event, I would participate in the Festival a thousand times! There is no doubt I consider it one of the most significant experience of my life, it allowed me preparing my own path and to define future job opportunities by having fun in an exciting environment. Moreover, I got the chance to meet people from all around the world and to hear different life stories and experiences.”

At the same question, Eleonora argues that “ This experience turned my career around: besides creating a professional networking and important friendships, after the Festival I got the opportunity to stay in the Association as part of the staff. Until last year, I couldn’t even imagine to get to this point, and to join the work behind thes scenes of this second edition as a Program Director of the Rome Press Game! I’d like to thank for the trust they placed in me and for the real opportunity for a personal and professional growth”

What are you waiting for? Become the protagonist of this Second Edition! Check out our web site and explore the four projects of the Festival: RomeMUN, Rome Business Game, Rome Press Game, International Careers Course. Because of the large number of requests, in order to enable all participants to carry out the registration procedures in time, the new application deadline is set for 13 January 2017. Hurry up and do not miss the chance to live a new exciting experience in the Capital especially conceived for you by the Giovani nel Mondo Association!

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