The Rome Business Game is dedicated to the world of business, international markets, marketing, business management, and revolves around confronting some of today’s most important business and economic realities. Participants will have the opportunity to meet experts in the world of business and marketing and present their own proposals and innovative solutions, while developing and refining a set of soft skills which are often overlooked, yet essential for career success: learning the techniques for proper business management, analysis and insight of business dynamics, team working, and practical problem solving.


SKILLS ACQUIRED: Analysis of complex scenarios both with an intercultural perspective and with the purpose of brand/product placement in a foreign market; the use of multimedia and visual communication tools; facing crisis situations and having to achieve and relate to both the practical objective and the necessities of the group; mastering the English language and the technical terms for both oral communication and the drafting of official documents; identifying and using communication and team working tools most appropriate for intervening in complex situations; relate in a multicultural and dynamic environment; working in groups and developing shared and practical solutions. 

POSSIBLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Management or executive positions within successful corporations, analysis and strategic planning, marketing and business communication.

DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT: The selected participants will be divided into teams, within which they will represent the main roles of a hypothetical department of a company in a practical simulation of corporate reality. The simulation will last a total of 4 days and will conclude with an award given to the team which distinguishes itself during the challenges of the previous days.  At the end of the simulation, teams present their proposals.

PREVIOUS EDITIONS: Major companies and consulting firms who are the most competitive and active in international markets (KPMG, Mercedes, Ernst and Young, Accenture) have shown interest in the business game as a way to evaluate not only the theoretical knowledge of top international students but also their management and practical skills. In Europe, some are supported by large international companies, including McKinsey & Company, Unilever, Baume et Mercier, and Electrabel. In Italy, the business games are mainly organized among students coming from the same geographical area and, in terms of percentage, are the same nationality.

The Rome Business Game will allow participants to thrive in a multicultural environment, working in the English language and developing extremely useful management and technical skills required to flourish in a competitive international job market.