International Careers Course

The International Careers Course is one of the four projects that students can choose in the International Careers Festival. All faculties students can apply with around 500 places available and 50 scholarships made available by the Association Giovani Nel Mondo. English will be the official working language during the four days of  the project and participants will live a truly international experience in a definitely multicultural environment.

The course is  dedicated to teaching the dynamics, mechanics and the procedures which are the foundation of the structured, complex, and competitive world of careers within international organizations and institutions, such as, the United Nations, the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, NGOs, Multinational Companies, and Investment Banks. The world of "international careers" requires a high level of preparation, academic merits and experience, and this is the reason why this course helps to be well informed about which path(s) to take, to have the right preparation, and the requirements and skills necessary to work in such a context. Therefore, the objectives of the Course are: to steer students towards the right path for an international career, to inform them about real opportunities offered to young people, to guide participants through the identification of an ad hoc path to follow in order to have a competitive CV, to optimize their job searching approach and capacity and to provide them with soft skills - invaluable competencies required by the labour market.

The Course is articulated in different areas of interest:

- Competitive Exams Area that will offer the participants a comprehensive overview about the world of International careers. Some important competitive exams, such as EPSO contest for the European Union and the Diplomatic/Foreign Service Exams, will be introduced by our experts,

- Working Abroad and Focus On Institutions, in which Countries, UN agencies and NGOs will be explored and participants will get in touch with Ambassadors, UN Officers, Delegates and will learn the opportunities to work and study abroad, 

- Languages Area, that will focus on  the importance of language certifications and unusual languages skills in a successful CV

- Soft Skills Area that it is fully dedicated to the soft skills learning, such as decision making process & problem solving, communication skills (speech and public speaking), technical skills, team working, etc.

The course will consist of information sessions with experts of the field providing the students with their experiences and advices about the main opportunities for educational paths and stage in Italy and abroad, seminars, and meetings with HR managers of international institutions, NGOs and multinational companies. In addition, the course will be structured around workshops and sessions to improve CV and cover letter writing abilities with simulations of interviews, simulation of competitive exams, simulation of language certificate exams. Workshops will be held by some important international bodies officers that will enrich the Course. Some organizations of the previous edition are Amnesty International, UNIDO, Telefono Azzurro, Doctors without borders, ONE, ISPI and others. There will be also the opportunity to participate to in-depth roundtable discussions of individual sectors and Role-playing games to acquire and hone skills. 

Participants will also have access to the International Careers Fair, the perfect chance for interaction and possible recruitment opportunities with companies, NGOs, and international institutions.

At the end of the Course, all participants will receive a certificate of participation, with this certificate they can also start preparing their Europass passport of competencies. The passport attests to the skills and competencies they will have acquired throughout the Course and is especially valuable for one's CV.