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The Rome Press Game is dedicated to the world of journalism, international communication, and the social media and communication sector. The Rome Press Game presents itself as being the first simulation, in the world, which will allow university students to act as part of an editorial staff on various levels: radio, web and television programmes, as well as activities within a press office. The project represents the natural evolution of the journalistic experience previously offered within the Rome Model United Nations, initiated by the Giovani nel Mondo Association, and the practice pursued with the editorial staff of the www.carriereinternazionali.com website and the orientation magazine “Go International”, published and distributed by the GnM Association.  

RECOMMENDED FOR STUDENTS OF: students who are in the last two years of high school, university students enrolled in/recent graduates of communication, international relations, literature, journalism, and a masters of journalism and communication. 

SKILLS ACQUIRED: The simulation, through the learning by doing approach, intends for its participants to acquire a full spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of journalism, among them: learning the methodological tools for sociopolitical and economic analysis; journalistic writing skills within the environment of new media; the necessary skills to utilize new means of multimedia and online journalism; refined writing ability and capacity to relate within a structured editorial team; planning and realizing informative products which are both traditional and innovative; team working skills; ability to interact with the public and real newspapers as part of the press office.

POSSIBLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: web editor, journalism (both general or within a specific area), press office


DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT: During the 4 days of the simulation, journalists will live the experience of being a part of a real editorial staff in English or Italian, utilizing the tools made available, by new media, for young journalists in novel and innovative ways:  an online copy of the articles produced, video interviews conducted and in-depth specials will be published on both the dedicated site for the simulation and our YouTube channel. There will even be press conferences and radio reviews on the issues of the day. Participants will also have the possibility to simulate the work done within press offices, alongside the official one of the Festival delle Carriere Internazionali, thus being able to relate directly with newspapers and institutional bodies. This is thanks to the support of real journalists and experts within the field of televised communication and print media who will be accompanying participants throughout the days of the simulation. Furthermore, through the work done at the Rome Press Game, students will acquire specific skills regarding methods and language of journalism, within its multiple facets (press office, online newspapers, radio, television), both via a practice-oriented approach, and a point of view which is both theoretical and technical – thanks to the in-depth seminars envisioned during the days of the simulation and to the coaching and instruction of technical specialists of the medium. 

PREVIOUS EDITIONS: To be a journalist today is no simple task. This area is constantly undergoing radical changes due to new technology. A journalist can no longer only have excellent research and writing skills - focused on the classic 5Ws. Journalists must now acquire a series of skills which will enable them to enter into the new era of Journalism 2.0. Print media is now facing the inevitable change of pace created by online content, video, and radio journalism. At a time of extraordinary change within the profession of “Journalism”, the Rome Press Game, the first of its kind on a global scale, establishes as its primary objective, the opportunity for its participants to be trained by experts and professionals in the field while, at the same time, testing their skills in a multicultural and dynamic environment.