The Rome Model United Nations (RomeMUN), is dedicated to the world of diplomacy, the United Nations, and International Organizations. Participants of the diplomatic simulation will be proving themselves against students and MUNers from all over the world, representing their state as they use the tools of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy in order to attain the approval of resolutions and have them pass in their favor.       

RECOMMENDED FOR STUDENTS OF: international relations, political science, law, cooperation and development.


SKILLS ACQUIRED: The simulation believes in the learn by doing method and therefore participants acquire many practical skills throughout the conference such as:


  • Public Speaking, thanks to the number of official speeches delegates must give during the MUN;

  • The ability to draft official, international documents like position papers and resolutions of the United Nations; 

  • Teamwork and team building by having to work in groups with other delegates to find common solutions;

  • Leadership skills, guiding blocks of nations who share a common position; 

  • Research skills, during the preparatory phase before the conference and during the days of the conference; 

  • Adapting in a multicultural environment given the vast diversity of participants coming from about 100 different countries around the world.


POSSIBLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: diplomatic career, official/officer of UN Organizations, international organizations, or European institutions, cooperation and aid, expert and researcher of international politics. 


DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT: Participants will be assigned a country to represent and a committee in which to work. Each of the 193 delegations will be composed of a minimum of two to a maximum of fourteen delegates, depending on the number of committees in which the delegation (State) is present. During the pre-Conference preparation and didactic phase, all delegates will have access to educational material written in English: a Delegate’s Guide, a Committee’s Guide (personalized for each committee), and the preparation videos, which help in understanding how a model UN functions and the work of the United Nations in general. Furthermore, for all delegates, there is the unique approach to interacting with their colleagues and conference officials via the online forum. For students enrolled in Universities based in Italy, GnM, during the month of February, will organize a training day regarding the essential aspects of the simulation: rules of procedure, agenda topics, and public speaking. Training days will be held in Italy’s main cities. Workshops on the rules of procedure will also be held during the first days of the Simulation. The work, the Committees of the 11th edition of the Rome Model United Nations and 1000 of the world’s best will be inspired for the 4 days of intense work by the guiding theme “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS”.

PAST EDITIONS: Since its first edition in 2010, RomeMUN has distinguished itself for its innovative approach and has stood by the idea of bringing together thousands of students from around the world to the cradle of Western democracy – to promote the relationship between civil society and international institutions, as well as major youth involvement regarding global issues. During the previous editions, thousands of young people from around the world have performed the role of “Ambassador” as they debated the most pressing issues within the realm international relations.