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International Careers on Tour on his way to Pisa!
17 ottobre 2016

The fourth stop of the International Careers on Tour is coming! The event will take place at the Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici of Pisa, a huge opportunity providing the participants an exclusive preview of the International Careers Festival, the awaited event designed by the Giovani nel Mondo Association to be held in the heart of the Capital city from the 11th to 14th October 2017. For more information please visit

The conference will take place in Via Santa Maria 155 from 14:30pm to 17:30pm. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with important experts in the relevant field of international organizations ready to assist all participants by giving some important advices for starting an international career. The participation to the International Careers on Tour is free; in order to register for this event as the following, please click HERE.

All the participants will have the chance to meet some important representatives of huge international realities such as Cospe Onlus, The One Campaign and the Youth Committee UNESCO. Katarina Andersoon, translator for the AITI, the Italian association of translators, will offer his particular contribution as well as Marianna Poletti, Founder & CEO of Just Knock, who will provide some precious information about the best way to engage an international career. 

The event will be structured according to the following schedule:

Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici di Pisa – The importance of an International career
Wednesday October 26th 2016, from 14:30pm to 17.30pm
Via Santa Maria 155

Welcome Remarks

14:30 - International Careers Festival, Executive Director Dott.ssa Daniela Conte: How to start an International Career

Opportunities in the International Organisations and NGOs

14.45 - UN-DESA, Dott.ssa Daniela Giacomelli: Programmi Junior Professional Programme e Fellowship Programme

15.15 – COSPE Onlus, COSPE school Director Mr. Giancarlo Malavolti: Opportunities for International Cooperation

15:45 - AITI, Dott.ssa Katarina Andersoon: Occupation Translation

16:15 – Youth Committee UNESCO, Elisabetta Rizzuto and Massimo Vitulano: My experience in the Youth Committee  for UNESCO

Instruments for starting an International career

16:30 - Just Knock, Marianna Poletti, Founder & CEO: How to find a job by sending ideas instead of CVs

Don’t miss any stop of the International Careers on Tour! Find the nearest stop to your city and enjoy our projects, just click on this link to register



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