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Rome Business Game
The Program Director Rome Business Game 2017 welcomes you
5 ottobre 2016

Dear future participants,
Welcome to the Rome Business Game website!

It is with great honor that as Director of this second 2017 Rome Business Game conference I welcome you at a new challenging experience specifically catered for Economics and business students.
Rome Business Game originated from the family of RomeMUN, one of the most prestigious MUN simulations in Europe that since its first edition in 2009 gathers more than 1,000 university students from all around the world to discuss the most crucial issues in our society within the field of Diplomacy and International Relations.

The last decade has experienced a turning point in the economic and financial panorama of our society, with a global crisis that still hasn’t ceased to mirror its effects on the markets and the lives of many. Companies at large had to review their strategies, taking into account the reduction in consumption and new budgetary constraints, but not all of them succeeded and survived this phase. It is under the light of this challenging environment that at Giovani del Mondo we decided to create an event dedicated to the business world to empower business students with a chance to challenge themselves with real life cases, confronting some of today’s most important managerial decision-making choices in the wonderful setting of Roma Capitale.

We are confident Rome Business Game will be an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. The reason is that it is not only a professional and academic experience, but also an occasion for a profound personal enrichment. Being a good manager, indeed, does not only revolve around possessing technical, theoretical capabilities, but also an outstanding mastery of soft skills – business awareness, people management, teamwork, critical thinking and negotiation among a few. Becoming a leader, rather than a boss. Together with your teammates, you will meet experts and prominent entrepreneurs from the business world, while developing innovative solutions to real managerial issues.

Indeed, I am honored to address such a diverse audience of future professionals, managers, and leaders driven by the common will to work together, to share their knowledge, to broaden their horizons, and to “compete” in a fair way. In the following pages you will have the chance to learn what our Rome Business Game consists of, meet our partners and learn how to apply to join our team. Indeed, my very personal wish is that I will be able to welcome you personally next spring, in Rome, as Rome Business Game chairpersons and participants.

With my warmest regards,
Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein
Program Director Rome Business Game 2017