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The Event

Festival on Cruise


The International Careers Festival projects are quite complex and articulate, therefore it is important to carry out a pre-event preparation in order to favor an adequate participation.

The basic package of the conference fee offered by the Giovani nel Mondo includes the access to a series of teaching materials that are obviously differentiated on the basis of the project you participate in, as well as a series of pre-conference online webinars, that are very helpful in order to have a clearer idea of the experience you are about to live.

And this year, for the 10th anniversary, GnM decided to offer its members a special further opportunity to follow a live training course pre-conference. It will include a series of enhancement meetings both on the practical-procedural aspects of the event and on international careers in general, so as to make participants more aware and therefore better prepared to face the final experience of the participation in the Festival with great satisfaction.

Thanks to the partnership established between GnM and Costa Crociere, this training course will take place within a unique setting: the beautiful Costa Diadema ship. Being an International Careers Festival, GnM decided to propose a trip to some of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean within the week before the Festival, during which it will be possible to participate every day in a 3-hour session of structured preparation for the Festival. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to experience the countless services offered by Costa Diadema and visit marvelous cities such as: Savona-Marseille-Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca and Palermo, all destinations that have been the scene of the exchange of cultures, traditions, history, trade and collaboration between states and different nations.

For the first time, therefore, the Festival becomes itinerant and, in addition to the Roman experience, all the interested participants can also join the pre-event training week.

Practical information:

You can choose to embark on March 1st from the port of Civitavecchia or on March 2nd from the port of Savona.

Here is the Program of the Festival On Cruise*:

1st March - boarding in the port of Civitavecchia/Rome - departure at 7pm

2nd March - arrival in Savona (possible boarding in the port of Savona) - departure at 6pm

3rd March - arrival in Marseille - Morning visit to the international institutions - Afternoon 1st training session on board - departure at 5pm

4th March - arrival in Barcelona - Morning visit to the international institutions - Afternoon 2nd training session on board - departure at 7pm

5th March - arrival in Palma de Mallorca - Free day - departure at 6pm

6th March - day of navigation - Morning 3rd training session on board - Afternoon recruitment and orientation session on board

7th March - arrival in Palermo - Morning visit to the international institutions - Free afternoon - departure at 5pm

8th March - arrival in the port of Civitavecchia/Rome - transfer to Termini Station or Sheraton Parco de 'Medici Hotel**

For more information on membership fees and payments click here

Please NOTE: You can not reserve and participate in Festival on Cruise initiative, if you are located in, or a citizen or resident of a state, country, territory or other jurisdiction that is embargoed by the United States (including IRAN, SUDAN, SYRIA, CUBA, NORTH KOREA, THE CRIMEAN REGION) 

The participation in the Festival on Cruise is NOT compulsory, you can choose to participate only in the final event in Rome, on the other hand, however, you can not participate in the cruise only without adhering to the actual International careers Festival of March 9th – 12th.

* The program is a subject to changes and revisions - the final version will be provided 30 days before the departure

** For those who stay at the Sheraton Parco de 'Medici Hotel the shuttle bus will take directly to the hotel, all the others will be accompanied to the Termini station from where they can easily reach their destination